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Why You Need A Real Estate Professional


With the hiking property value and strong buyer demand, it’s no wonder why seller are interested in trying to sell their homes on their own, without a real estate professional to help them.

If you are one of the sellers who decides to sell their home by themselves, you’ll be partaking in the process known as “For-Sale-by-Owner” or FSBO, which can be an opportunity in obtaining a full sales price for your home without having to pay for commission fees. However, this would also mean that you would be engaging more time, energy and effort than expected doing everything on your own. By everything, among others do not limit to:

  • Studying the market in your area
  • Learning your state laws for your real estate transfers
  • Determining an appropriate salable asking price
  • Anticipating possible hindrances in selling and creating solutions
  • Preparing mandatory disclosures and paperwork
  • Listing your home for sale
  • Connecting with inspectors/appraisers/surveyors
  • Negotiating for your transactions

If you are interested in saving yourself from all the trouble, partner with a real estate professional with your best interest as a priority. Give me a call at (704) 237-0313 or (704) 617-0847.


Source: Find Law



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