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The True Cost of Renting Compared to Homeownership

We can never stress the many financial advantages of home ownership, compared to renting. According to recent reports from, buying a home remains to be an ideal option for the American dream, especially considering the financial savings that can accumulate overtime.

From numerous published articles on the real estate market, various resources have pointed out that homeownership contributes to savings, which later on translates to greater net worth for the homeowner compared to that of a renter.

Numerous renters postpones home buying to further stall for the commitment of paying mortgage, however they are missing that they are still paying mortgage, one way or another. As mentioned on the Entrepreneur Magazine, renting is simply paying for someone else’s mortgage, which in effect, results to you making others rich than yourself.

Although, mortgage rates are trending up, we are still presently on a historically low rates compared to the past decades, which makes it the best time to invest and secure a mortgage for your dream home. If you are interested in professional advice for your real estate needs, call us at give me a call at (704) 237-0313 or (704) 617-0847.

Source: Keeping Current Matters


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