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Scream with a Boo!

Halloween is almost here! Are you ready to for your spooky soiree and a fun-filled fright night? To help you plan your spooktacular Halloween, check out these tips to guide you on your party planning.

  • Brew for Mischief. Select a Halloween theme that would interest you and your guests. Ask Google on some of ideas that you can consider for your fright-night party. To help you with your list, check out these fun themes from Organize a list; check out some pins on Pinterest, plan for your decorations, the type of food, the playlist, and the fun activities for entertainment.
  • Pass on the Misfortune. Tag along your friends to join you in the fun, and be creative in sending out your invitations with a scream of Halloween on it. Look up on some great ideas for an invitation, and start the excitement with a little tease. Check out these free online invitations from Punchbowl!
  • Bargain for the Boos. Shop for the decorations without the unnecessary expense, or put a little effort and make your own. Be on the lookout for bargains at second-hands and wholesalers. Try out shopping at the nearest thrift store for some spook supplies and get even more inspired with the different items you can find. If you’re short on time and you like to have them delivered instead, look up Oriental Trading, they have the assortment of toys and games, costumes, lights, decorating kits and many more.
  • Prepare for the Gory Feast. Get into the kitchen and stay on your fright-night vibe. There are numerous Halloween foods and drinks that you can serve. Reserve a good amount of time to have them ready, and anticipate for the tricky preparations. For more ideas to inspire you, check out these recipes from FoodNetwork that will guide you in making Mummy Hand Pies to refreshing Frankenshakes that will surely spook your guests to the guts. 
  • Ready the Creepy Screams. Party is no fun without music. Get everybody excited with a well-chosen playlist. Think of awesome sound effects too. To help you out, check out these recommendations from LifeWire.

Throwing a party is always fun! If you’re looking for a new neighborhood to move in this haunted holiday season, call us at give me a call at (704) 237-0313 or (704) 617-0847.

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