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    5 Powerful Reasons To Own Instead Of Rent

    By Ann Rudd | July 11, 2019

    Owning a home has great financial benefits. In a recent research paper, Homeownership and the American Dream, Laurie S. Goodman and Christopher Mayer of the Urban Land Institute explained: “Homeownership appears to help borrowers accumulate housing and nonhousing wealth in a variety of ways, with tax advantages, greater financial flexibility due to secured borrowing, built-in ‘default’... Read More

    Now’s The Time To Move-Up And Upgrade Your Current Home!

    By Ann Rudd | July 10, 2019

    Homes priced at the top 25% of the price range for a particular area of the country are considered “premium homes.” In today’s real estate market, there are deals to be had at the higher end! This is great news for homeowners wanting to upgrade from their current house. Much of the demand for housing... Read More

    10 Steps to Buying a Home this Summer

    By Ann Rudd | July 9, 2019

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    Is Mortgage Debt Out of Control?

    By Ann Rudd | July 8, 2019

    The housing crisis of the last decade was partially caused by unhealthy levels of mortgage debt. Homeowners were using their homes as ATMs by refinancing and swapping their equity for cash. When prices started to fall, many homeowners found themselves in a negative equity situation (where their mortgage was higher than the value of their... Read More

    Millennials Are Increasing The Demand For Condominiums

    By Ann Rudd | July 5, 2019

    When deciding to buy a home, people are presented with many different options. The type of home you buy depends on your needs, budget, and in many cases, the desired maintenance level. For many millennials, their choice has been buying a condominium! According to CoreLogic, “Last year about 43% of all condo home-purchase mortgage applications were submitted... Read More

    Top 5 Reasons You Should Not FSBO

    By Ann Rudd | July 4, 2019

    Rising home prices coupled with a lack of inventory in today’s market may cause some homeowners to consider selling their home on their own (known in the industry as a For Sale By Owner). However, a FSBOmight not be a good idea for the vast majority of sellers. The top 5 reasons are listed below: 1. Online... Read More

    Americans Rank Real Estate as the Best Investment for 6 Years Running

    By Ann Rudd | July 3, 2019

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    Know What To Expect At Your Home Inspection

    By Ann Rudd | July 2, 2019

    So you made an offer and it was accepted. Now, your next task is to have the home inspected prior to closing. Agents oftentimes make your offer contingent on a clean home inspection. This contingency allows you to renegotiate the price you paid for the home, ask the sellers to cover repairs, or in some cases, to... Read More

    Is it a good time to dive in the real estate market?

    By Ann Rudd | July 1, 2019

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    Before You Look for Your Dream Home: Know What You Want vs. What You Need!

    By Ann Rudd | June 28, 2019

    In this day and age of being able to shop for anything anywhere, it is really important to know what you’re looking for when you start your home search. If you’ve been thinking about buying a home of your own for some time now, you’ve probably come up with a list of things that you’d... Read More