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I am a Good Neighbor Checklist

A good neighbor is a blessing, they say. But to have great neighbor is to be one. To help you get your stars as a Good Neighbor, we made a checklist that will guide you earn that badge.

  1. Smoke the kitchen: cook; bake or make your specialty and share. Whether it’s a seasonal celebration, a family occasion, or just an ordinary day. Everybody enjoys a batch of cookies, or a hot casserole. Break the ice by letting your neighbors know that you’re thinking about them with your yum recipes.
  2. Don’t be a Nosy Nellie! Your neighbor would never appreciate if you will keeping tabs on their personal life. Avoid talking behind your neighbors’ back, or spreading dirt on someone. The neighborhood is not middle school, and it’s best to maintain great relationships with the families and individuals next door.
  3. Keep in touch. Maintain close relationships with your neighbors. Get to know them and share numbers, or add them on Facebook. Who knows, it can also give you an advantage, whenever you’re in vacation and a package was delivered, or you suddenly need a sitter. Just be casual in bringing it up in the conversation, if you find yourself uncomfortable in spilling the question.
  4. Extend a hand before being asked. Get ahead and anticipate your neighbor’s need, and offer your assistance whenever you can up front. No need to beat around the bush, just say you want to help out and make it happen.
  5. Always tidy up. Keep your home clean, and be sensitive to the taste of others as well. Tidy up lawn ornaments, trash receptacles, and your garbage. Keep your lawn are looking great, and have it mowed whenever necessary. A weedy lawn has always been a turn off among neighbors. When you have the chance, repaint your home periodically.

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Source: Zillow Porchlight

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