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Dealing with Pesky Pests In Your Rental

One of the upsides of renting is not worrying about the upkeep and maintenance, so when things go south with the plumbing and floors are creaky, you just pick up the phone and call your landlord. But what happens when you see little crawly creatures running in your home? Whose responsibility does it fall to?

Always remember that landlords are consistently required to provide a safe and livable space, which includes – a pest-free living, although there are aspects on the matter that may make this rather a gray area, like the state that you’re presently staying in, the type of home you’re living in, or the type of pest you’re dealing with. In other states, landlords are legally responsible of managing bedbug infestations, considering that they are a growing issue within the area; while in some other states, it is the opposite, unless for a single-family home, and if it’s strictly proven that the infestation was not a result of your housekeeping.

Despite varying state regulations on tenant rights and privileges, always let your landlord know of the issue. If you are requesting their assistance, have them in writing rather than requesting their attention verbally for documentation.

Whenever you are considering renting, always have a renter’s insurance, in order to guarantee security for your belongings in case of your landlord’s’ negligence or other unforeseeable issue. Also, take time in reading your lease, when you get to sign it, and have a good comprehension on the conditions that you are signing up. In case in an occasion that you’re landlord does not cooperate on agreed and signed house upkeep and maintenance, you can have your same signed lease as your advantage in approaching a local tenant’s rights organization.

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Source: Zillow Porchlight

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