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7 Reasons why the Carolinas are a Great place to live in

Thinking of moving but with no specific place in mind? Well the Carolinas are waving at you!

From the late 90s to this day, millions of new residents have flocked to the Carolinas. With so much to offer in terms of work, recreation, and landscape, it’s no wonder people are deciding to go to the southeast region to move to either of the states of North and South Carolina. These two southern states offer sunny beaches, beautiful trails, and cities with historic charm that will have you eager to settle down. 

Here’s 7 stand out reasons why you should put these two states at top of your list

1. Great Weather and All Four Seasons

Moving from a climate with extreme weather? Well the Carolinas can give you something to look forward to weather wise.The weather here  is relatively mild compared to many other areas of the country. Moving here you’ll still be able to experience all four seasons, including a spectacular leaf-peeping fall, snowy winters, blooming springs and warm summers. A big plus is it’s unlikely that you’ll experience frigid blizzards or sweltering heat waves. 

2. Rich Culture and Diversity

Over the years the two states have seen a steady rise in cultural and ethnic diversity. The big cities of the states are climbing up the ranks of diverse cities in the country. North and South Carolina offers loads of history and a surprisingly diverse culture. Whether you’re into sports, music or history both NC and SC have no shortage of options.

3. Thriving Career Choices

All major cities in the two states have seen an increase in young professionals seeking work and a fun lifestyle. You’ll also find new industries, including tech and health care, that are causing younger workers to flock to the area. With a thriving job market, it’s easy to see why so many college graduates,professionals and families choose to settle down here. Fortune 500 companies that call North Carolina home include Bank of America, Duke Energy, Lowe’s, BB&T Corp., and Nucor – among many others. While South Carolina is headquarters of big companies like Michelin, Schaeffler Group, sonoco, Cryovac and SEW Euro drive.

4. Affordable Housing and Lower Cost of Living

Home prices in both states are significantly cheaper than the national average. In other words, your dollar will go a lot further — but you won’t lose out on your quality of life. The cost of living in South Carolina is 7.3% lower than the national average. North Carolina residents enjoy paying less taxes than other states in terms of property taxes because NC has a property tax rate below the national average.

5. Topnotch Schools and universities

Higher education is everywhere. And when you’re surrounded by strong colleges and universities, you gain access to their amenities, events, sports activities, and youthful energy.

With the University of South Carolina, College of Charleston, Clemson University, Coastal Carolina University, and many others, there’s no shortage of educational opportunities in South Carolina. 

North Carolina is home to several of the nation’s top colleges and universities. The most well-known and competitive school in the state is Duke University, known as one of the research universities in the country. Other well-regarded, top-notch schools include the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Wake Forest University, Davidson College, North Carolina State University, Elon University and Appalachian State University.

6. The economy is booming

Both states boast a strong and steady growing economy. With well developed metro areas like Charlotte, Raleigh, Charleston, and Columbia that hosts a thriving market for career and business growth. As well as small cities on the rise, these two states are on the climb to healthier and robust economies. Not to mention that there is  a highly educated and skilled workforce split between North and South Carolina.

7. Variety of outdoor travel activities

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beach person, a mountain person because both states have it. With over 6000 miles of coastline between the two states there are no shortage of amazing beaches you can visit. The two states also share part of the Blue Ridge mountains which offer amazing hikes, camps and nature trips. More proof that these two states might just have it all, come Winter you’ll also be able to enjoy skiing trips. You’ll be surrounded by natural attractions and activities that are always a drive away from the comfort of your home.


The Carolinas have a lot to offer and are a great place to live in. Whether you’re looking for a place to start growing your career or studies or even looking for a place to settle and relax in the Carolinas are perfect for you. 

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Ann Rudd

Ann is a 3rd generation real estate professional in her family and has inactive licenses in Maryland and Pennsylvania and is actively licensed in North and South Carolina. Seeing other members of her family help others achieve their home ownership dreams inspired her to become a real estate agent. Helping families is what her job is all about. Whether they are buying a larger home, downsizing, transitioning to a new town or neighborhood, Ann's mission is to make those transitions as smooth as possible.

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