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Are You in Control of Your Morning?

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those with morning routines and those without. Morning routines can be tough to start but they allow us to be more in control of our day. But how do you start your routine? Below are a few easy steps for creating and sticking to your morning routine:

  • Write it down! I know that sounds silly but writing down your intentions helps set them. Write down exactly what your ideal morning routine looks like. Yes, things go off the rails from time to time but if your ideal morning is what you achieve, you will always go back to it when things go haywire.
  • Own it! Whatever your morning routine is, own it. If it’s get up in the morning at 7, eat a bowl of Frosted Cheerios (so good!) and go for a swim, great. But take ownership of your day and commit to it.
  • You control the morning… the morning doesn’t control you! Because this is your ideal morning, you be in control of it. If you find your days aren’t starting like they should, reassess your routine and change things around. But YOU stay in control, not the other way around.

Powerful mornings are designed with intention so you can have a great start and be in better control!